Paul Mitchell - Shines XG

The future generation of demi-permanent, no-ammonia hair color has arrived.

With technological innovations changing everything, from smartphones to medical science, even hair color is being constantly improved, making it more effective and safer for clients, while opening up new styling possibilities.

This is why John Paul Mitchell Systems® continues to study the building blocks of hair color to create truly beautiful  color with results that the professional hairdresser can count on.

Paul Mitchell¨ shines XG™ is a no-ammonia, demi-permanent cream hair color line offering 51 intermixable shades. Gray blending and coverage can last from 4 to 6 weeks and fades on tone. Plus, when combined with 5 volume XG Processing Cream the result is deposit only or tone-on-tone color brilliance. Looking for more vibrant results? Just use  shines XG™ with 10 volume XG Processing Cream for up to 1 level of lift. 

Download Shines XG Swatch Chart